Web Developer

Alissa designs and codes professional and non-profit websites, specializing in elegant, minimal, fast-loading responsive sites that offer users a simple, effortless experience on every screen

Alissa is experienced in branding, photography, development, mobile optimization, UX design, content management, SEO, social media integration, and can manage the entire process from concept to upkeep

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Dancer & Instructor

Alissa French is a partner dance instructor, event host and DJ. She is passionate about teaching connection with yourself, your partner and the music.

Alissa teaches Salsa, Bachata, Blues Fusion regularly, other styles include Swing and Two Step. She hosts a weekly Salsa Night on Thursdays at the Port Hedland Yacht Club in Western Australia.

Partner dance is about communication, expression, respect, and vulnerability. A clear non-verbal conversation is what makes a dance work, and what makes a dance great. Alissa's eclectic background allows her to explore the similarities and differences between styles and esthetics. This has been invaluable for teaching strong connection and effortless movement in all styles.

Cuban Salsa in Western Australia with Alissa Cleo

Cuban Salsa Western Australia

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Rueda de Casino in Western Australia with Alissa Cleo

Rueda de Casino Western Australia

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Bachata in Western Australia with Alissa Cleo

Bachata Western Australia

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Artist & Designer

Alissa incorporates analog art including sketches, ink, and watercolor into her digital design work to create a warmer, organic, more human feel.

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