About Alissa

french press logoWeb Designer

I design and code professional and non-profit websites. I specialize in elegant, minimal, fast-loading responsive sites that offer users a simple, effortless experience on desktop devices, tablets and smartphones.

My eclectic skill set enables me to manage the entire process from concept to upkeep. I am experienced in UX design, branding, photography, development from scratch and utilizing several content management systems, SEO, social media integration, and content development.

I spent four years as the project manager for one of the top mobile development companies in the US. I have watched the mobile web industry trends and best practices in depth since 2010 and started developing Google AMP Project compliant pages in 2016.

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alissa cleo dancerDancer

Alissa has been passionate about kinesthetics and movement since her first gymnastics class at 6. After a decade of competitive gymnastics and solo dance, Lindy hop and Charleston converted her to partner dance. Alissa moved to Bellingham in 2006, fell in with the salsa crowd and began teaching and performing cuban salsa in 2015. In 2014, she discovered fusion at Beats on the Stage and was seduced by smooth West Coast Swing, connected Micro, and empathetic Zouk.

For Alissa, partner dance is about efficient communication of momentum, direction, and weight distribution; about mood, frame, and tension; and about comfort, respect, and vulnerability. How do you share these with your partner and how do you correctly interpret their communication? A clear conversation is what makes a dance work, and what makes a dance great.

Alissa's eclectic background allows her to explore the similarities between movements in different styles, what makes similar movements happen, what sets them apart stylistically. This has been invaluable for teaching fusion, a style she loves for its openness to expression, musicality, exploration and vulnerability.

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