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Attending a special event or wedding? Looking for a fun & impressive new hobby? Need an exciting couple's activity?

Dance is fun, exciting, romantic, & challenging. Boost your confidence, make social events a blast, engage your mind, and increase your flexibility, balance and tone

Classes are typically taught in a six week series, once per week. Learn Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Blues, Two Step, Swing or social dance foundations

Want to see what these look like? Check out the YouTube channel!

Dance Styles

Cuban Salsa in Western Australia with Alissa Cleo

Cuban Salsa Western Australia

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Salsa Suelta in Western Australia with Alissa Cleo

Salsa Suelta Western Australia

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Rueda de Casino in Western Australia with Alissa Cleo

Rueda de Casino Western Australia

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Bachata in Western Australia with Alissa Cleo

Bachata Western Australia

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Fusion in Western Australia with Alissa Cleo

Blues Fusion Western Australia

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Charleston in Western Australia with Alissa Cleo

Solo Charleston Western Australia

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Dance Background

Alissa has been passionate about movement since her first gymnastics class at 6. She began dancing Lindy Hop and Charleston in High School and found Salsa and Bachata during college. In 2014, she began fusion dancing which led to West Coast Swing, Micro Blues, and Zouk.

Alissa has been teaching and performing Cuban Salsa, Fusion, and Micro Blues since 2015. She has been teaching Zouk and Bachata since 2016.

Partner dance is about efficient communication of momentum, direction, and weight distribution; about mood, frame, and tension; and about comfort, respect, and vulnerability. How do you communicate these to your partner and correctly interpret their communication? A clear conversation is what makes a dance work, and what makes a dance great. Alissa's eclectic background allows her to explore the similarities between movements in different styles, what makes similar movements happen, what sets them apart stylistically. This has been invaluable for teaching strong connection and effortless movement in all styles

Alissa's real passion is teaching connection with yourself, your partner and the music in all styles.

Bachata with Alissa Cleo


Dance Instructor

Alissa is by far one of the best and most formative dance teachers I've had since I started dance. Not only were her events (boulevard beats, etc) where I fell in love with dance but her teaching (in group settings for micro and fusion and private settings for zouk) has shaped my dancing immensely. She does an amazing job of balancing between teaching technique and technicality with application and feeling, and she has 100% made me the dancer I am today.

Alissa is an amazing talented dance instructor who is a joy to interact with! 10/10 would recommend!

Alissa doesn't give a vanilla lesson like other instructors, she teaches you the proper style and poise right away.

Definitely fun! Brings a solid technical aspect that teachers tend to ignore.

Alissa has been my mentor for zouk for roughly the last six months, and holy wow have I improved so much. Really enjoy the balance between learning new moves and smoothing out more general technique.

I really appreciated the tips on how to lead micro and the core concepts, it helped a ton. I want MOAR.

Event Host and DJ

So. Good. DJs and venues have always been amazing and the one time i had something negative happen to me at an event she stepped in and handled it really well.

Literally the best event in Bellingham I have been to. Phenomenal teaching, music, decor, venue, price, etc. Also everyone wearing black was sexy time.